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The ContestHound Family

The ContestHound Family

Having read many "About Us" pages, we quickly discovered the countless well-written, promotionally-inspired company summaries, neatly packaged and polished. We thought that ContestHound.com should stand on equal ground and personify an air of professionalism that demonstrates our business savvy. Then we realized we don't have any business savvy. What we do have is a web site. A contest and sweepstakes directory to be more specific.

ContestHound.com began in mid-1999, as Bob and Kathleen Gunther were expecting their first child, a daughter they named Neva Claire. Realizing that it was simply not financially feasible for either one to become a full-time stay-at-home parent, Bob and Kathleen twisted all reasonable logic and concluded that both of them should stay home.

And knowing that the Internet can produce enormous success over-night, Bob and Kathleen hadn't slept for well over 3 1/2 years though some say this is actually the consequence of their having a second child in the summer of 2002, a boy named Milo Alexander.

Seeing that Milo's home birth was such a success, the arrival in our dining room of Willa Kathleen, another girl in 2004, signaled the end of our reproductive growth. In the meantime, ContestHound.com continued to grow expanding to having dedicated contest directories for Canada, the US, the UK and Australia.

With determination born of ignorance and a profound sense of desperation, ContestHound.com has become a highly ranked and well-respected Sweepstakes directory. A loyal newsletter subscriber base has enjoyed original stories published in each issue. Often one step away from paranoia, Bob and Kathleen explore the experiences of being parents while running a home-based business. Together they chronicle their thoughts and interpretations of the everyday, of the ordinary that oftentimes mask the extraordinary.