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ContestHound.com Sweepstakes Newsletter

Each Sweepstakes Newsletter issue features a handful of the latest Contests and Sweepstakes plus Bob and Kathleen explore the experiences of being parents while running a home-based business. Together they chronicle their thoughts and interpretations of the everyday, of the ordinary that oftentimes mask the extraordinary.

In mid 1999 as a way for Bob and Kathleen to avoid any responsibility to the financial aspects of child rearing, we started ContestHound.com. With that stroke of brilliance came what we now call the ContestHound.com Sweepstakes Newsletter. But at the time, worried that nobody would actually want to read the thing, we started to include anecdotes about our experiences in parenting and running a stay-at-home business. Over the years, we came to realize that our stories are a chronicle of our life with children.

As we like to say:  With determination born of ignorance and a profound sense of desperation, here we are!

Past Stories in the Life With Kids Anthology